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Water's not that you need them to live: You yourself are life (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Ever since we humans have populated the earth, our philosophers have agreed:

Water is the source of all life, the blood of our earth.

n times of globalisation and climate change, we now face the great challenge of protecting this precious resource and preserving it for future generations. For this reason, Inatec has been planning and construc
water treatment plants since 2008.

Discover with us ways to use water sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way. Often a small step is enough to make a big difference for us and our blue planet.

Let us inspire you and walk the sustainable path together with us!


Diese Projekte sind nur ein kleiner Teil der vielfältigen Möglichkeiten der Wasseraufbereitung.

Alle Informationen findet ihr bei uns, denn wir sind euer Partner, wenn es um sauberes Wasser geht.

The pupils of an elementary school in Rwanda take pleasure in a drinking water treatment plant. With only two simple treatment steps, they can now enjoy pure drinking water. Initially, the sand filtration removes all larger impurities. The ultrafiltration with its fine filtration gradient even removes bacteria. Additionally, a UV plant sterilises the water and thus makes it perfectly potable.

What is more, the treatment plant renders the delivery of plastic bottles needless. Hence, the school may save on fuel costs and the environment is protected from extra plastic waste. A small plant with a great effect!

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For the manufacturing of their products, factories almost always need water. In order to minimise the pollution of our lakes and seas, wastewater treatment plants are installed which operate ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems.

Thus, the water quality especially in coastal areas improves significantly. Domestic flora and fauna respire and the bathing fun of numerous beach visitors is revived!

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The major proportion of our planet‘s water resources is seawater. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, water from the sea is desalinated and post-treated with high pressures. As a result, remoter areas and their local population may be supplied with fresh drinking water easily and effectively in all areas of application; even new habitats develop! So, we make use of a natural water source which would otherwise be unusable due to its high salinity.

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Whether as an industry or an individual, we can take action anywhere. We can treat industrially used water resource-friendly and then run it back into the process or use it as service water.
This is feasible in almost any business, for who really needs pure drinking water to clean? Here you can save water and, of course, the water and wastewater costs.

Even you can be a part of process water treatment; next time you have your car cleaned, why don’t you drive to a car wash that uses such a close loop plant

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