Setting a new Pace: CCROtec standard Units for advanced Water Treatment Solutions

Discover the future of water treatment with CCROtec, an innovative solution designed to redefine industry standards. Featuring patented technology, CCROtec combines the CCRO technology (Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis) with a compact standard unit design, ensuring efficient operation in constrained spaces. Prioritizing both efficiency and cost savings in water and energy consumption, this solution is positioned as a reliable and cost-saving choice. CCROtec standard units boasts a durable stainless steel construction, capable of operating at pressures up to 25 bar. The unit incorporates high-quality components, including #Phoenix GRP pressure vessels, #DuPont membranes, and #KSB pumps with frequency converters, ensuring precision and reliability. Augmenting its capabilities, CCROtec standard units include an #Everblue prefilter, a switch cabinet with a #Siemens controller for intuitive control, and a Twin Softener for comprehensive water conditioning. Elevate your water treatment standards and explore the features of CCROtec at INATEC!




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