Flexible Pilot Plant for LightOre

We are excited to present our successful collaboration with LightOre Group in this post. This case study highlights how we developed a flexible and customized pilot plant, enabling LightOre to test and optimize their innovative filter material under real-world conditions. Discover how our tailored solutions contribute to the advancement of technologies in water treatment.

Initial Situation: Challenge and Requirements

LightOre, specializing in the treatment of oily wastewater, needed a flexible pilot plant. The goal was to conduct field tests with their proprietary filter material, Orefilter®, in various applications such as process water treatment and wastewater purification. LightOre required a solution that would allow them to test their innovative filter media under real-world conditions and obtain detailed data for system design.

Solution: Custom Plant Construction by INATEC

In collaboration with the customer, INATEC developed a mobile and automated filtration system precisely tailored to LightOre's changing requirements. The custom-built plant ensured that it was flexible enough to be deployed in different processes and environments. The transportable system enables LightOre to test and optimize the Orefilter in various applications.

Results: New Opportunities and Future Plans

Thanks to INATEC's customized solution, LightOre is now able to deploy the pilot plant flexibly and independently of location. This facilitates comprehensive testing and validation of the filter material in real-world application scenarios. The successful implementation has significantly improved testing capabilities and paved the way for future developments. INATEC is currently planning and constructing additional pilot plants in various sizes to further support LightOre in their testing and development processes.


The collaboration between INATEC and LightOre demonstrates how tailored solutions can effectively contribute to the testing and development of innovative technologies. Through a flexible and adaptable approach, LightOre was able to validate the performance of their filter medium in practice and prepare for future applications. We look forward to continuing to support LightOre with additional custom-built pilot plants and to jointly push the boundaries of water treatment technology.



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