Ever pondered the future of water treatment in industries?

INATEC introduces the CCROTEC series, featuring the patented Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis (CCRO) technology from DuPont. With yields reaching up to 95% and a remarkable reduction in energy input, it's a game-changer.

Compact yet powerful, CCROTEC plants handle water quantities from 1,500 to 4,500 liters per hour, designed to fit seamlessly even in limited spaces. Picture a fully automatic reverse osmosis process that operates at pressures up to 25 bar, offering significant savings in both water and energy consumption.

Equipped with top-tier components, including Twin Softener for pretreatment, Everblue fine filter, KSB pumps with frequency controllers, Phoenix GRP pressure vessels, Dupont RO membranes, Endress + Hauser measurement devices, and a stainless steel frame, CCROTEC ensures precision, reliability, and durability.

Operating conditions range from 2-6 bar inlet pressure, a temperature span of 5-40°C, and a pH range of 2-11. This system excels in diverse environments, showcasing adaptability and efficiency.

The CCRO advantage lies in achieving up to 95% yields, coupled with a 30% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional reverse osmosis units. It caters to different water sources simultaneously, adjusts ratios as needed, and generates/terminates various water qualities.

Flexibility is a key feature with the use of stainless steel piping, enabling the system to adapt to different water qualities. Energy efficiency is enhanced through frequency-controlled pumps. The highest quality in measurement technology is guaranteed with the integration of Endress + Hauser components. Furthermore, CCROTEC is cost-effective, ensuring savings in both wastewater and energy consumption, typical advantages associated with CCRO systems.

Elevate your water treatment standards with CCROTEC, where innovation seamlessly meets efficiency.





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