We are excited to introduce two fantastic additions to our Inatec family: Eng. Mohamed Kasem, Head of Engineering, and Fatemeh Zohrabi, Process Engineer.

We're genuinely happy to have Fatemeh and Mohamed on board, bringing their unique skills to our close-knit community. In the realm of Electrical Engineering, Mohamed’s expertise ensures our systems are not only innovative but seamlessly integrate for solid performance. As our talented Process Engineer, Fatemeh crafts solutions that align with clients' needs, enhancing overall operational efficiency. At Inatec, our diverse strengths come together, enriching our team and enhancing our ability to tailor solutions. Their contributions fuel our commitment to a customer-centric approach, where we aim not just to meet but anticipate and exceed expectations. Grateful for team members like Mohamed and Fatemeh, we're empowered to push boundaries and set new standards.




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