Proud Partner of the Ravago Group Today, we're excited to shed light on how our affiliation with the Ravago Group significantly benefits our customers.

Ravago, a global leader in plastics and rubber raw materials, broadens our horizons. Here's how you benefit: Global Reach, Local Excellence: As part of Ravago, INATEC combines global reach with local expertise. We understand your unique needs, wherever you are. Innovation Catalyst: Ravago's commitment to innovation fuels our progress. This partnership infuses fresh ideas and technologies into our solutions, keeping us at the forefront of water treatment innovation. Sustainability Focus: We share Ravago's commitment to sustainability, providing eco-friendly solutions that meet regulations and align with your sustainability goals. Customer-Centric Culture: Ravago's customer-first ethos influences our approach. We're dedicated to understanding your challenges and finding collaborative solutions. Proven Reliability: Ravago's global success speaks to its reliability. This extends to Inatec, ensuring you have a trustworthy partner. Our association with the Ravago Group enhances our mission to offer cutting-edge, customer-centric water treatment solutions. We're committed to driving efficiency, sustainability, and success for your business. Discover more about Ravago at and see how this partnership benefits you. Thank you for choosing Inatec for your water treatment needs.

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