Softec DSP CV

DUPLEX softening plants with CLACK valves

The hardness of water has become a challenge in industry and at home alike. Therefore, small softening plants have been f inding their ways into private households. Our SOFTEC DSP CV series provides a solution for water sof tening in commercial and industr ial plants with water volumes up to 20 m³/h. Equipped with CLACK’s central control valves, our plants are easy to install, program, and operate.

Softec DSP CV
Product Leaflet

For further information and specification, please download our compact fact sheet.

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  • dual sof tening plant
  • continuously soft water
  • easy installation and commissioning
  • 9 freely programmable cycles
  • automatic regeneration


  • GFRP filter tanks
  • cationic resin
  • central control valves
  • three-way switching valve
  • brine tank
  • brine valve
  • piping plus all fittings and measuring instruments necessary for the
    installation of the plant and monitoring the hydraulic parameters


Operating Conditions

NaHereinaf ter, the requirements for the inlet water:

Inlet pressure 2 – 6 bar
Temperature range 5 - 40° C
Free chlorine (Cl2) < 0.1 mg/l
Iron (Fe) < 0.1 mg/l
Manganese (Mn) < 0.1 mg/l
Inlet water free of oils, oxidants, colloids, or particles



It is recommended to install a f ilter, cartridge or self-cleaning, in front of the softening plant with a fineness of 100 μm. For regeneration, it is recommended to use technically pure salt in the form of a tablet, granulate, or liquid brine.