Ion Exchanger Demineralisation

The DEMIN series is our go-to standard for the full desalination of water. The plants serve all procedures in which low-salt water is required, e.g. water treatment for boilers. With their compact architecture, small footprints and low flow rates, our DEMIN plants are the perfect solution for water treatment in conf ined spaces. By request, we gladly of fer DEMIN plants with higher capacities.

Product Leaflet

For further information and specification, please download our compact fact sheet.




  • direct current regeneration
  • total salinity (TDS) up to 500 mg/l
  • quick assembly and short commissioning times
  • small footprint
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • reliable operation with product conductivity monitoring
  • automatic regeneration
  • valve design enables optimum operation plus good backwash
    and regeneration flow rates


  • GFRP pressure tank
  • cationic and anionic resins
  • central control valves
  • microprocessor control
  • dosing and collecting vessels
  • regeneration fittings
  • conductivity monitoring
  • all fittings and measuring instruments necessary for the installation
    of the plant and monitoring the hydraulic parameters


Operating Conditions

Hereinaf ter, the requirements for the inlet water:

Inlet pressure 2 – 6 bar
Temperature range 5 - 40° C
Feed line TDS max. 500 mg/l
Inlet water free of oils, oxidants, colloids, or particles



It is recommended to use a f iltration device to remove
colloids and particles.