Softec DSP EV

DUPLEX softening plants with single valves

Our SOFTEC DSP EV series comes with single valves and a dual sof tening plant. It serves the treatment of water volumes up to 60 m³/h.

Softec DSP EV
Product Leaflet

For further information and specification, please download our compact fact sheet.

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  • dual softening plant
  • continuously soft water
  • easy installation and commissioning
  • microprocessor control
  • automatic regeneration


  • GFRP filter tanks
  • cationic resin
  • single-valve circuit
  • brine tank
  • brine valve
  • piping plus all fittings and measuring instruments necessary for the
    installation of the plant and monitoring the hydraulic parameters


Operating Conditions

Hereinaf ter, the requirements for the inlet water:

Inlet pressure 2 – 6 bar
Temperature range 5 - 40° C
Free chlorine (Cl2) < 0.1 mg/l
Iron (Fe) < 0.1 mg/l
Manganese (Mn) < 0.1 mg/l
Inlet water free of oils, oxidants, colloids, or particles



It is recommended to install a f ilter, cartridge or self-cleaning, in front of the softening plant with a fineness of 100 μm. For regeneration, it is recommended to use technically pure salt in the form of a tablet, granulate, or liquid brine.